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I am Micha, originally from the Heidenheim district and now based in Stuttgart. I started taking photos about 7 years ago, initially beginning with landscape photography. However, I was always fascinated by seeing photos of people and that's why I started taking more pictures of people. Since many friends of mine married at that time, I was able to try myself out as a wedding photographer quite early. I have been turning this hobby into my profession for 5 years now and traveling to different weddings in southern Germany and further.


I believe that everyone is of great value, because in my eyes he is a creature and therefore a work of art and not a product of chance. For this reason, I would like to express with my photography the value and the beauty that is in each of us. As can be seen in my work, I love capturing authentic moments and taking as few artificial pictures as possible during shootings. My picture style is modern and yet forever attractive, film look and yet recognizable as a wedding photos :)

If you have further questions about me or would like to know more, I look forward to your message!

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